Lower cost, long-term, fixed price Renewable Energy Certificates for worldwide operations.

Long-term fixed cost supply of Renewable Energy Certificates. 3, 5, 7 and up to 10 years fixed price internationally certified Renewable Energy Certificates for your worldwide operations.

SustainPro REC Purchase Plan

Whether you are a committed member of the RE100 (The Renewable Energy 100) and/or a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) who’s planning your annual sustainability report, or a business that takes social responsibility and being a good corporate citizen seriously, planning to fulfill sustainability objectives cost effectively is a major objective. When it comes to minimising your cost to achieve your sustainability objectives, SustainPro is tailored to your needs.

Lowering the Cost: Lean Value Chain to current and Future REC commitments

AECO Energy is a lean focused provider of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) structured solutions. Unburdened by legacy overheads of government-owned entities or electricity retailers in the REC value chains, AECO Energy directly represents REC international generators and producers of current and future RECs.  AECO Energy SustainPro gives your business access to leanly priced RECs through bespoke REC futures contracts without the need to be bundled with your electricity consumption.

Buy Best of Breed: Buy the best priced electricity and also the best priced RECs

With guaranteed SustainPro REC future supply contracts that can span 3, 5 or even 7 years or more, your company can plan long-term cost structures better, improve profitability and planning whilst gaining access to competitive and predictable REC prices. You can eliminate future market price movements of increasing demand for RECs. With options of brokerage to ‘top up’ or to ‘dispose of excess’ RECs on a year-to-year basis, SustainPro provides certainty that your business will meet sustainable objectives with a controllable hedge against unknown future REC price movements and empowers them to buy both the best-priced electricity and the best-priced RECs to meet your sustainability objectives.

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Achieve your sustainability
goals at lower cost

  • Direct access to REC generators​
  • No marketing intermediaries

Predictable & plannable
sustainability cost structures

  • Long-term REC price commitments​
  • Structured and guaranteed multi-year supply contracts

Tailored to your long-term
sustainability objectives

  • Your own REC solution designed to meet your transition needs towards sustainability
  • Tailored to your specific sustainability objectives

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