Switching to Contestable Markets couldn’t be easier

If you’re a contestable customer, you can now enjoy significant savings on electricity rates from a supplier that meets your requirements.

With AECO Energy Switch, you will be able to maximize the benefits of the Regulated market with the help of energy experts. Giving you a hassle-free, data-led switch!

This is one of the reasons that some customers don’t switch to the contestable markets because they believe it’ll be stressful, disruptive, and time-consuming. Switching electricity providers can help your business massively save on your business utilities.

Switching as easy as 1-2-3…

AECO Energy Switch provides services that allow any customer to quickly and easily switch to the Contestable Market place.

Compare Suppliers

Share your recent 12 months electricity bills for a free analysis report. Our energy experts will then activate an online reverse auction or tender on your behalf to get you the best offers from as many retailers as possible.


Our partnership with electricity providers give you access to the best quotes, saving you money, time, and resources.

Hassle-free Transition

Once you have approved and selected your electricity supplier, we will work with your old and new supplier to meet the switch requirements and oversee a seamless transition.

Features and Benefits:

AECO Energy Switch + Portfolio

Exercise your power to choose. Make the switch!

Save Money

Leverage on AECO’s exclusive access to commercial electricity prices from a wide range of electricity providers

Execute a go-to-market strategy on your behalf via reverse auction or tender to get the best rates

Cash flow positive from Day 1


One-time payment for a 12-month  (maximum) contract

No penalties for withdrawals or cancellations of offers (provided that no contract has been signed)

No investment required

Less Stress

Electricity analysis report and data-led recommendations on how to secure your contract/ offer

Dedicated account manager who will manage the switching requirements for you

Smooth, fast, and stress-free transition to your new RES

Professional, Data-Led

Recommendations based on data and your needs

Professional buying process that delivers the most value for your money

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