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Never miss a market movement. Never miss a buying opportunity. Buy long-term. Buy short-term. Beat the market. Lower your business costs.

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AECO Energy MarketPro Benefits


Buy when prices are LOW, not when you are forced to buy.

“You make money when you buy.” – So goes the wise business maxim of buying when prices are low. “Buy in haste, repent at leisure.” – Don’t get forced into buying when your contract is about to end and you have limited buying leverage.

There is a smarter way.

Because with MarketPro, you can arrange and “buy” your next electricity contract before your current contract expires, or even arrange multiple future non-overlapping contracts. You are in absolute control.

You can “beat the market” by locking in prices when they are low, not when you run out of time and forced to buy.

Take Control. Use MarketPro.

Don’t fall into the trap of pool or spot-based market contracts. Don’t be a price taker. Don’t be forced into taking whatever the market serves up to you. Monitor the market and take action to lock-in your electricity contracts.

Buy Smart. Buy Early. Monitor the Market. Buy electricity using AECO Energy MarketPro.

Buy better, plan better – profit more with fixed price, future contracts.

Buy better than the market and take the price risk out of your business with fixed price, forward electricity contracts.

MarketPro allows you to monitor a range of buying options every day as the market moves. Examine which fixed term, future contract is best for you. With options for both uniform prices or prices with PEAK and OFF-PEAK times, you have complete control.

All these lowers the variance of your electricity costs and enable you to lock-in prices months and years ahead. Sit back and enjoy the future savings or avoid further price hikes. You can plan your profits better by knowing your costs and locking-in sales margins and production costs ahead of time.


Never miss a market move. Keep all your options open. Keep your eyes on the impact of the market all the time with MarketPro’s Rate Watch

If you need to buy, monitoring the price of all your potential contract options is vital. With your contracts based on a dynamically constantly changing market, you need a computer-like brain to keep track of how the underlying future markets and off futures activity affect you. Finally, you have one – MarketPro’s Rate Watch.

As a Commercial or Industrial customer, your electricity is priced more like insurance than petrol. And it’s constantly changing because of the energy markets. Don’t miss out when the market moves any longer.

Your unique consumption profile and your future unknown potential consumption drive the cost of your electricity. Use more during peak times, and your average price may be higher than your neighbour’s business even though you may use precisely the same amount of electricity. Your electricity price is unique and special. Due to a constantly changing market, your next contract’s potential price is also constantly changing.

Created by a mathematician, computer scientist and software patent author, Alan Jones, AECO Energy’s MarketPro has an exclusive price estimation system called Rate Watch that continuously simulates every MarketPro customer’s next contract price based on the dynamic electricity market. Rate Watch gives MarketPro customers accurate estimates of their next 3, 6, 12 and 24-month contract options when the market trade data becomes available.

You are in control. You know what the market is doing for your next contract without ever having to run a tender or do a reverse auction or even ask for a quote.

The MarketPro and Rate Watch pricing information provides you the secret edge to catch every market move. At last, you have the power.

Start saving today; see buying opportunities without ever having to lift a finger.


Choice of any contract length: 3 to 24 months, limited only by the length of your subscription and your imagination

You have the power to determine how long your next contract can be. You have the control. From 3 months to 2 years, limited only by the length of your MarketPro subscription and your imagination, you can choose how long your next contracts should be. Don’t like 6 months? Change it. 12-month contract seems cheaper than 6-month contract? No problem. Want to buy in lots of 4 or 5×3-month contracts? Do it! You are in control.


You set the rules. Let MarketPro do the monitoring with automatic Rate Watch Action Triggers.

You need to act fast to take advantage of price movements. With Rate Watch Action Triggers, you can tell MarketPro to notify you by email when prices for any of your Rate Watch forward contracts cross trigger levels, with up or down. Depending on your subscription level, you can even automatically initiate a buying cycle and set electricity retailers chasing your business for definite contract offers, all without lifting a finger.

You set the rules and let MarketPro monitor the market. Get Notified or Start to Buy – all without lifting a finger.


Use your buying strength and have electricity retailers vying for your business. Purchase using Tender or Live Reverse Auction in as fast as 15 minutes!

It is about time to feel special and wanted. You are no longer just an account number or a tick on a sales chart. You now have the power.

MarketPro empowers your buying process with best practice automated tender and reverse auction electricity buying methods. When you want to buy, choose which way you want to go, start a buying cycle and then sit back and watch the electricity retailers vie for your business. It’s time for them to compete and lower their price to get your business in a matter of 15 minutes. No need to haggle. May the best price wins.

Create market tension, get a lower price with a 15-minute auction or tender. Fast and on-demand electricity quotes are the best way to get retailers competing for your business. Watch as retailers place their bids live and online. Create competition, narrow supplier margins, make it fast, make them sweat, save money.

They bid, you choose, you win.


Fast. Easy. One-click, zero-touch contracts.

MarketPro makes buying electricity contracts appear like magic. Once you have the result of your MarketPro tender and auction, you can then turn it into an electronic contract with a click of a button. Delivered to your email within minutes, you can sign your electronic contract automatically with the touch of your finger. All done. All legal. Prices locked-in. Savings made.

Just click go, and your next contract is locked-in. Zero-Touch, no paperwork. No hassle. Simple. Fast. Easy.

You are in control.


1 and 12 months subscription. Choose what you want. Save how you want.

MarketPro can start with a full demo of the platform to make the buying decision easier for you. And then, choose the plan you want to have based on your level of electricity consumption, and you can choose the features and contract lengths offered that best suit your business. Start with a one-month plan, and then upgrade whenever you want.

Once you sign-up, you can upload your current contract and your last 12 months of electricity bills to populate your consumption profile to kick-off the Rate Watch engine. Our Customer Service team will check everything, set-up your account with your initial contract and profile, and notify you when you are fully enabled.

If you are too busy and are happy to wait a little while, you can even authorise us to contact your existing electricity retailer to get the data for you. How easy is that?

Then, your subscription is activated, and your trial will begin. Full functions are available during the trial, and your subscription will automatically renew when your plan ends based on the payment option you provided.

Our Customer Service team is happy and always available to assist you during Singapore business hours, that’s Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm.

We look forward to helping your business save more.








Minimum Electricity Monthly Spend










Contract Length Choices

Fixed 3-month Term




Fixed 6-month Term


Fixed 12-month Term  
Fixed 24-month Term    
Dynamic Flexible Terms      
Entity Types Supported
Multiple Subsidiaries        
Single Entity with Single UEN  
Rate Watch Market Simulations*
3-Month Term
6-Month Term
12-Month Term
24-Month Term
Rate Watch Price Limit Action Triggers
High Price Notifications
Low Price Notifications
High Price Automatic Buying Cycle    
Low Price Automatic Buying Cycle    
Contract Types
Low Variance/Risk Fixed Rate
Flat Rate or Peak/Off-peak
Zero-touch Contracts
Paper-free/Electronic Contracts
Market Offer Types
Singapore Electricity Retailers** all eligible all eligible all eligible all eligible
15-minute Tenders
15-minute Reverse Auctions
Buying Cycles/Year/Site 4 6 6 Unlimited
Additional Buying Cycles at a fee at a fee at a fee Unlimited
Market Offers Allowed
Maximum Coverage Term 12 months 24 months 24 months 24 months
Reinstatement Fee***

Important notes:
*Rate Watch Market Simulations depend on relevant price offer data available on the market for the relevant time period
**All Singapore-licensed electricity retailers who are eligible to offer as of April 2021, this is still subject to change
***A reinstatement fee is payable when the customer wishes to reinstate or continue a previously canceled subscription and is up to 12 months of previous subscription costs


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