Who we are

Who we are

AECO Energy is a markets and technology solutions company transforming enterprise energy procurement, delivering customer-centric market platforms and professionally managed energy portfolios. We help businesses seize energy market opportunities, mitigate risks and take control of the way they manage their energy costs and usage.

We are Asia’s dedicated aggregator of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC). We offer commercial and industrial customers long-term, fixed price REC contracts from direct developers and generators to meet every business’s sustainability goals.

Headquartered in Singapore, AECO Energy brings in over 12 years of open markets expertise supported by more than 80 professionals globally equipped with technical market buying expertise and insights. We are a member of the AECO Pacific Group together with our Australian counterpart, Power Choice.

Environmental Commodities and Renewables Group

Head - Environmental Commodities & Renewables

Natan Ang

With close to 10 years of experience in the energy markets industry, Natan is an all-around expert from leading teams and handling key accounts to business development to energy trading. These masteries have made him most familiar with different energy products which empowers him to have unique perspectives on both renewable and conventional energy.

Natan’s core competencies include electricity trading, margin optimisation, spot price analysis, energy portfolio management, financial modeling, customisation and design of solar PV system, feasibility and technical assessment in addition to commercial PPA leasing agreements, and green environmental attributes. By staying well-connected in the industry, Natan’s strong market intelligence capabilities are what makes him effective in giving his customers up-to-date insights on market trends and future developments.

Natan’s strong business acumen and personal belief that, “Rome was not built in a day,” have helped him foster a long-term, mutually profitable relationship both as a client and service provider. Being passionate on protecting and preserving Mother Nature, not only today but also for the next generation, inspires Natan to keep moving forward into his journey towards sustainability.

Energy Consultant

Iris Wei

Iris is a results-oriented business development professional with more than 2 years of experience. She is a focused individual exceeding revenue targets year-on-year while driving business growth.

Having excellent networking and leads development skills, Iris is always willing to accept any challenges which drive her to go above and beyond to achieve her goals. A forward-thinker, she helps AECO Energy with market development in Asia utilising her skills in strategic partnership especially in China.

Iris loves badminton and challenging extreme sports. She is bilingual and well adept at both Singapore and China cultures.

Senior manager

Lynn Yong

With 7 years of experience in the energy supply chain, Lynn have established a unique relationship with the industry through her key account management and business development skills.

She is well versed in green environmental attributes origination and trading in Southeast Asia markets as well as retailing of conventional energy markets. These experiences have contributed to structuring PPA imports agreements for clients regionally in her recent stint.

Lynn believes that sharing your wisdom and knowledge doesn’t diminish your impact; it amplifies it. This has led her to foster strong relationships bringing robust values to with clients and market players globally, working together hand-in-hand in their sustainability journey and green goals.

Business Development Manager

Energy Solutions

Senior Sales Manager

Shawn Yeo

Shawn has years of experience in the software tech industry, from computation and simulation software, iOS and Android apps to Azure and AWS powered SaaS / PaaS product development, marketing and providing consultative solutions, he has a passion to help businesses understand and benefit from the power of tech.

A certified Apple Product Professional, he likes to beautify complicated technology into an elegant solution that everyone can understand. He believes that AECO’s technology is here to help businesses navigate the maturing Singapore open electricity market.

Shawn spends his leisure time watching YouTube videos learning everything from lock-picking to slicing huge tuna for sashimi and trying to unlock the secrets of Google’s algorithms.

Senior Energy Consultant

Karen Liow

Karen is an accomplished professional with extensive experience of more than 20 years in sales management, product and service marketing, channel management and business strategy. Her track record spans broadly across software, technology and IT-related industries in various operations including manufacturing, OEM, service, wholesale and retail sectors.

With a degree in Accountancy and a master’s in Business Administration in the UK, Karen’s technical skills and business acumen enabled her to be an effective and accomplished consultant in every role she pursues.

She espouses the importance of offering value to her customers and helping them to achieve their operational, profitability and sustainability goals.  

“Currently, I find what I am doing truly meaningful and fulfilling. By contributing to environmental sustainability and saving Mother Earth through smooth and effective facilitation and coordination of green energy utilisation via Renewable Energy Certificates, carbon credits, Power Purchase Agreements and Virtual Power Purchase Agreements to businesses in Singapore, and soon, all of Asia,” Karen shared.   

An avid traveler, Karen is eagerly awaiting the reopening of travel tourism to add to her collection of 52 countries. A foodie by heart, Karen balances her indulgences by practicing Power Yoga (she is also a certified yoga instructress) and indoor cycling.

Energy Consultant

Raynard Lim

Raynard has always believed in putting customers’ interests first. With more than 10 years of experience in managing customers’ portfolios in the finance industry, he has strived to help his customers achieve their goals. Likewise, in AECO Energy, he is dedicated to helping every business save more by ensuring that he delivers what he promises and goes the extra mile for every single customer.

As a father of two, Raynard spends most of his leisure time with his family as he strongly believes that childhood is the most important phase of growing up and he wants to be there for his daughters.

Energy Consultant

Stella Chew

Stella rose from humble beginnings starting in the customer service industry before venturing into sales management. Having to witness the transition of Singapore to the open electricity market, Stella was faced with an opportunity to move from a backend customer service role to a customer-facing sales role.

Stella accumulated years of foundational experience working for retailers in the energy industry. Her main focal point was new client acquisition of commercial accounts from low to high tension accounts. Stella was also trained to pilot the process and procedures relating to corporate sales tender of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations.

Her strong customer service experience combined with her sales competencies in the energy industry make Stella a valuable AECO Energy expert in helping businesses save more.

She holds a Diploma in Chemical Process Engineering. She enjoys her free time watching Korean Drama and cycling at beaches.

Energy Consultant

Jolene Cheng

Jolene has more than 10 years of experience in providing consultancy services to businesses in Singapore. She is well-known for her credibility and resourcefulness. Besides being a strong believer in positive thinking, she constantly spends her time on her professional development. She also finds meaning through helping businesses save more and this strongly aligns with AECO Energy’s mission.

Jolene enjoys exploring new places and food. She spends her leisure time doing exercises, practicing yoga, playing with her bunny and watching Netflix.

Energy Consultant

Rick Kan

Rick had spent 7 years in Canada in the energy utility sector primarily in natural gas before moving back to Singapore to set up his own company in industrial noise and vibration control products. Hence, he brings a wealth of experience in business development, sales and marketing along with strong marketing skills in promoting energy products.

During his free time, Rick enjoys volleyball, tennis, swimming and fishing, and is a self-proclaimed foodie and avid cook.

Energy Consultant

Alan Ong

Energy Market Specialist

Ryan Jones

Ryan works with key partners to help deliver AECO Energy’s products and services. Friendly and positive, he is an analytical thinker who brings his experience in the open electricity market in Australia to the team in Singapore. With a background in science, he is an adept problem solver and is focused on finding pragmatic solutions for AECO Energy’s customers.

He believes that AECO Energy can provide solutions for the unique energy challenges faced by the Singaporean market and can improve both efficiency and sustainability for the future. With a strong commitment to integrity, Ryan believes in an ethical approach to business.

Ryan has a keen interest in competition, in his free time he enjoys both sports like football and tennis but also competitive gaming and chess. He finds the pursuit of mastery and excellence in any field deeply compelling.

Senior Energy Analyst

Emmy Lew

Emmy brings her wealth of experience in business analysis to her current role where she is heavily involved in gathering, analysing, and formulating reports and market recommendations based upon research findings largely on energy consumption analysis and portfolio management.

Her business interests span from strategic planning, improving the business’ productivity and efficiency, defining solutions by ensuring accuracy & relevance of the organisation’s datasets and analysis to sharing her knowledge extensively in AECO Energy. She also works collaboratively with external retailers to assist in managing proposal response process, including detailed RFP requirements, content creation and inputs from various disciplines. Emmy appreciates and maintains good working relationship with her peers to achieve business objectives collectively as ONE TEAM.

During her free time, she indulges in good music, watching comedies and doing her part for the environment – recycling.

Our Leadership

CEO, Chairman & Founder

Alan Jones

Alan has over 20 years experience in Senior Management and over 10 years in Electricity Markets. His consulting, information technology, software and hardware, management and sales and marketing experience were gained across multinational companies, including Australian, Korean and American. He is the founder and CEO of the AECO Pacific Group which provides innovative electricity market solutions for business under the Power Choice and AECO Energy brands. He is responsible for, and aspires to, every day serve customers better through the provision of great quality services with relevant products and technology solutions from across the AECO Group.

He holds bachelor degrees in Mathematics, and Computer Science, an honours degree in Computer Science, also Masters degrees in Information Systems and Business Administration, and holds a diploma of Financial Services. He is a member of the Singapore Institute of Directors and holds their qualification of Qualified Listed Entity Director. He is a patent author, involving inventions in dynamic classification of internet media content across networks. He enjoys learning and speaking Mandarin and riding a road bicycle up classic mountain climbs — but not at the same time.

To know more about Alan, visit his website at https://www.alanjonesetal.com/

Operations Director

Maricris Salazar

Maricris is a Certified Practicing Accountant with 14 years commercial experience in finance and operations. She has been with AECO Group since 2013. Fondly called “MC,” she has extensive and expansive experience in business operations making her the go-to guru for knowledge and operational processes. As the Operations Director for AECO Pacific Group, she oversees the day-to-day activities of the business, ensuring all are managed and performing efficiently and effectively while delivering the highest quality of service and commitment to our customers.

Maricris has an insatiable passion for food and fitness. In her spare time, she loves travelling, trying out cafes and restaurants and lifting weights.

Group Sales Director

Joseph Tan

Before joining AECO Energy, Joseph building his skills with more than 20 years of deep international experience spanning strategy, product management, distributors/partners management, business development and sales across the Asia Pacific regions.

Team-oriented leader and process driven with extensive experience in managing market segments, devising strategic plans, launching sales initiatives, sales negotiations, and partnership agreements

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management

“I don’t work, I build incredible teams and, on a mission, to building a household name for AECO Energy that benefits millions of businesses save millions!”

What I am doing these days; spending time with family and getting back in shape after years of working totally neglecting my body!

Services Delivery Manager

Melissa Tay

Melissa strongly believes that customer experience is an integral part to the success in an organization. With more than 13 years of experience in customer experience and retentions, she is responsible for the delivery of AECO Pacific Group’s customer interactions leading to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. She brings forth her forte in enhancing customer experience by optimizing the entire customer journey to improve business relationships and increase growth.

Melissa loves travelling and during her leisure time, she binge watches Netflix and also enjoys a good catch-up with friends.

Technology Manager

Vasudha Bhushan

A licensed Engineer, certified Project Manager and Certified Scrum Master, Vasudha brings in her 18 years of experience in the Information Technology industry to lead highly innovative projects for Power Choice and AECO Energy.

She manages a strong team of IT experts in delivering superior business value spanning Program and Project Management, Domain consultancy, Application development and maintenance and Quality management.

Vasudha is an amateur keyboard player and enjoys listening to music.

Chief Technology Engineer

Wane Smith

Wane leverages his over 2 decades of extensive experience in the areas of IT strategy, programming, systems integration and optimisation and application development to build industry-leading, stable and secure in-house systems and applications enabling a seamless experience for AECO Energy and Power Choice’s customers, partners and employees.

He has a strong commitment in applying technology and innovation to improve business processes and outcomes.

Wane has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from East Tennessee State University. In his free time, Wane enjoys gardening and fishkeeping.

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