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Get the right skills and expertise to lower your electricity prices compared to DIY procurement.

Achieving your business goals begin with a PLAN. A plan to use better methods and expertise to lower your costs of procuring electricity. Go with the experts who will provide you with the right and proven method in achieving your business goals of lowering your costs. You get access to +12 years of proven professional expertise to optimise your costs compared to DIY procurement.

Experts in buying electricity

AECO Energy’s team of Engineers and Market Specialists bring over 12 years of experience in getting customers lower cost of electricity in deregulated markets. They are the experts in buying electricity, motivated to give our customers the lowest cost and keep them in the best market position. Trust our expertise in navigating you in the open electricity market.

Buy in advance when prices are low, not when you are forced to buy

Even when you are in a current contract, the price for your next contract is constantly changing. In Singapore, spot prices varied by up to 187% last 2021. If you wait until your contract is about to expire before you buy your next contract, you may miss out on savings. So, why not arrange your electricity contracts up to 2 years in advance? Buy before you need to when prices are low and save with AECO Energy’s award-winning Rate Watch technology.

Intelligent Reverse Auctions and Tenders

Markets are dynamic and constantly changing, and there is no “ONE” best way to procure electricity contracts on all occasions. AECO Energy uses Reverse Auctions and Tenders to provide the best competitive environment in different market circumstances. No one likes to be ‘gamed’ in a low-interest Auction, nor underbid in a competitive Tender. We offer both forms of procurement and a guide on when to best use it, all to lower your price by increasing competition. Buy smart, buy with MarketPro. Singapore’s award-winning technology. Built for Singapore’s business.

Lower costs mean savings

Our award-winning Reverse Auction and Tender platform is entirely online and automated, lowering your cost by inducing competition. Retailers’ reduced costs should be your savings. We induce competition to ensure that retailers are motivated to win your business, lower their prices and benefit from a win-win of lower costs.

Joining a volume purchase means bigger savings

We know that everything is cheaper when you buy in bulk. We have the AECO Energy Portfolio, a better way for our customers to aggregate their electricity usage in a professionally managed, low-cost service to gain access to volume discounts and lower prices than buying individually.

Commission-free energy quotations

There is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ with electricity brokers and auction platforms. Charging you $500 or more for each time you cancel an auction or tender and then add commission on top of your energy rates of 5%, 10% or even more are no free lunch at all. Don’t fall into the ‘FREE’ trap. They aren’t motivated to lower your cost but are more motivated to increase their commission. Save by not paying hidden commission charges. Our subscription plans for MarketPro and Portfolio are all you need to pay, no more, no less! Price match our rates today!

Time the market? It only takes 15 minutes.

Lowering your price can be achieved by giving your electricity retailers an equal opportunity to place their best bid within 15 minutes. This will ensure that you will receive the best value for your auction or tender.

Quote validity: Long is expensive. Short is cheap.

Saving money means being efficient. To save you more, we arrange for the shortest possible quotation validity time that we can coordinate across electricity retailers. This lowers the market risk to give you a fixed price for your contract, which means a lower price for your electricity. Automated platforms and a short price validity mean a lower price for you! We work hard to save your business more.

More retailers and more competitive tension!

We seek to present the broadest number of suppliers with simultaneous offers on the current market to give you more retailers to choose from in a controlled procurement process. It’s all about inducing competitive tension, competition and lowering your price. By asking every retailer simultaneously with short price validities, we induce price competition.

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