Why AECO Energy?

Lower cost electricity from the whole market, every day

Singapore businesses have exclusive access to better pricing information and access to lower costs, higher productivity and improved profitability with AECO Energy’s MarketPro or solve your procurement problems completely with our Portfolio electricity management service. Join thousands of international businesses now taking control of their electricity purchases through technology and market buying expertise. Start saving today!

Predictable cost, long-term renewable energy to your individual goals

AECO Energy’s exclusive access to international generators of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) allows us to offer long-term, fixed price REC contracts to help you meet your renewable energy requirements and sustainability goals more predictably. Take away the market risk and budget better to meet your sustainability goals. 

Buy from a specialist and lower your REC costs

Without sharing the overheads of either a legacy electricity retail business or legacy network business or legacy regulator functions, AECO Energy delivers long-term RECs at a lower cost. AECO Energy is a lean and focused specialist renewables retailer providing long-term, fixed price REC contracts for larger businesses and enterprises at a lower cost. 

AECO Energy works with licensed retailers from the Energy Market Authority.

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