Commission-FREE, fuss-free electricity procurement

No hidden charges. No hidden commission. No hidden agenda. Only best-priced electricity.

Other brokers and agents are paid commission fees by electricity retailers which only adds up to your electricity costs. 5%, 10% or even more added to the cost of your electricity. Why pay commission fees? Why motivate your consultant to choose the retailer who pays them the most commission fee and pass over the fee to you which will further increase your costs? Our motivation and goal are to give you the best prices, not the highest commission from retailers – reason why we serve customers commission-free!

Commission-free energy quotations

There is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ with electricity brokers and auction platforms. Charging you $500 or more for each time you cancel an auction or tender and then add commission on top of your energy rates of 5%, 10% or even more are no free lunch at all. Don’t fall into the ‘FREE’ trap. They aren’t motivated to lower your cost but are more motivated to increase their commission. Save by not paying hidden commission charges. Our subscription plans for MarketPro and Portfolio are all you need to pay, no more, no less! Price match our rates today!

OUR motivation is to lower your price, not increase it

Being paid commission on electricity contracts motivates your electricity broker to find a higher-priced contract in order to earn more commission. We are paid to provide a service to get you the best price from any retailer.

We work for YOU

There are no split loyalties. You pay us, and we work for you. We do everything we can to get you the best price.

We ask every retailer, every time

We never offer your business to commission-paying retailers. We seek to engage with every retailer on your behalf and we will chase the best possible price for you.

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