Building a brighter future can be more than helping businesses navigate a volatile energy market. A brighter future can also mean investing in the next generation to help them build a better, brighter tomorrow. December of 2021 is a defining time for AECO Energy as it accepts its intern for the year, laying the groundwork as an institution that helps foster the next generation of Singapore’s young professionals.

AECO Energy opens its doors to those seeking to get a head start in gaining professional experience through its internship program. It is the company’s goal to develop character by sharing its values of Smart, Rigorous and Trustworthy among the youth, and to help develop them into young professionals before they even enter their chosen field. Meet AECO Energy’s 2021 intern, Carys Tebby.

Carys Tebby, a 16-year-old incoming junior college student, wanted to get a head start on her future. She has always had a passion for physics, and she wanted to pursue a career in the future related to that field of study. “In school, I’ve always had a passion for physics as a subject, especially in secondary 3 and 4. Finally, I realised that was what I truly wanted to pursue in the future; I want to do things that are related to physics.” 

When Carys applied for the internship, Alan Jones, CEO and Founder of AECO Energy, saw in her how passionate she was when it came to physics, a passion that they both share. With that in mind, Alan decided to offer her the internship with the exact purpose of giving her an opportunity to work with engineers and analysts, where she will get to learn more about physics and how it is applied in the energy industry. Naturally, Carys happily jumped on the opportunity and started her internship in AECO Energy on the 1st of December 2021.

During her first week at AECO Energy, Carys was given a crash course about AECO Energy and how the company operates in the energy market. “I remember the first week, they had me watch various videos regarding the company, and it turned out to be very important and advantageous to my learning because through the videos I managed to learn more about AECO, and that way when I continued with my tasks I actually knew what I was researching about, I knew how it was going to help the company, cause I know what the company does now.”

Carys was taught and mentored by people from various departments in AECO Energy, from electrical engineers to energy analysts to sales experts, to give her a holistic understanding of the energy market and the part where AECO Energy plays in that market. Carys was not the only one embarking on fresh territory. From energy analysts, engineers and sales, to now mentors responsible for honing and nurturing Carys in her journey with AECO Energy. A challenge they were more than happy to accept. From gathering and interpreting customers’ electricity data to doing research on carbon credits, Carys had the opportunity to see the details as well as the big picture of how the energy industry works while being guided by seasoned energy experts. “I learned about the different electricity markets, like the spot and futures markets. I also managed to learn about generators, retailers, even metering providers, and it allowed me to realise that there’s a lot more going on than just paying your electricity bill.”

Carys’ internship was more than just learning about the energy industry; it was also about learning to operate in a professional environment. “I think one of the most memorable moments was doing the PowerPoint presentations. I remember I was so nervous, especially for my first presentation; I was going through different PowerPoints like ten times to make sure that I knew everything at the tip of my tongue. Then, I presented it to the Singapore Sales team; it was quite intimidating because they were asking a lot of questions, but now looking back, I appreciate it because it allowed me to think on the spot. It challenged me to try and answer questions really quickly and test the knowledge that I acquired.”

At such an early age, Carys had the opportunity to experience something that would help shape her decisions in the future. “Here in AECO, I was allowed to see what actually goes into being an engineer, and it allowed me to realise that this is really what I want to do, I really can’t see myself doing anything else, and I love it so much.” Carys is entering her Junior College level, and she plans to take the science stream, which involves physics, chemistry, mathematics and econs. “I want to focus on my studies now mainly ’cause that’s most important. I hope to get into the junior college of my choice. Once I finish junior college, I hope to get into a university, be it in Singapore or overseas and pursue engineering.” When asked if she would be interested in pursuing a career in AECO in the future, she gave a resounding “YES!”

If you wish to immerse yourself in the energy market and believe in honing your professional skills early on message us at [email protected] to inquire about embarking on an internship program with AECO Energy. At AECO Energy, you can expect to be trained by professionals in different avenues of the corporate world, while gaining an understanding of the energy market, how it operates and how AECO Energy helps businesses operate within the market. Expect to work alongside professionals from different departments, from sales, engineering, accounting and marketing, there are many aspects of the business to learn and grow from.