AECO Energy, together with the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), conducted a webinar last 16 November 2021. The webinar, titled “Delivering Your Energy Cost Saving Goals,” aimed at helping SMF members save their business more with AECO Energy’s solutions and professional management services. The webinar also focused on helping members mitigate the unprecedented surge of electricity prices that caused the exit of retailers in the Open Electricity Market. AECO Energy’s CEO, Alan Jones, conducted the webinar and shared how AECO Energy can help members mitigate the risks and impact of higher electricity rates now, in the medium-term and in the long-term.

It was an interactive and productive webinar as SMF members were able to ask questions live and win exciting prizes. AECO Energy also committed to help ten (10) lucky SMF members to discover their potential electricity savings with a free, highly customised analysis report.

Watch the webinar here:

Video is also available on SMF’s YouTube channel.